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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key component of your business's success. Now more than ever, customers are searching the internet to find their ideal products. While you've got a bigger audience than ever before, you probably also have tons of competitors seeking their attention, too. So, how can you make sure you get those sales instead of the competition?

Analyzing your webpage lets you know your strengths and weaknesses so you can better focus your efforts to improve your website. By knowing exactly where to begin in improving your website, you can track your results and work your way to the front of the pack.

What is Semalt?

Semalt offers comprehensive SEO services for clients of all industries. Our most popular service is our Dedicated SEO Dashboard, but we also offer other services such as AutoSEO, E-Commerce SEO, web analysis, and SSL.

What is the Webpage Analyzer?

Our Webpage Analyzer tool is designed to give you a full-scale look at how your webpage performs on a number of criteria, letting you see where you're doing things right and where there's some room for improvement. 

You'll first be instructed to enter your website's URL into our Webpage Analyzer. Then, the first thing you'll see is an initial score of your overall site, which will rank you out of a possible 100. You'll also see the breakdown of your audits and how successful your website is in general.

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Many of the categories that you see will be ranked by their priority. As shown below, a category may be designated as Low, Medium, or High Priority. If you notice that you're lacking in a High Priority category, you might want to consider tackling that issue before moving on to some of the lower priority items. 

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What Can the Webpage Analyzer Tell Me?

As you continue to scroll down through your results, you'll see a more in-depth breakdown of how your website is doing in various areas. You can see your On-Page SEO, which involves things like the title of your web page, its meta description, and its keyword consistency. You can also look at categories like Indexing, Analytics and Counters, Structured Data, Mobile Adaptability, Performance, Server and Security, and others. 

The Indexing category refers to how easily the search engine in question can crawl your website and add it to its index. The more easily your site can be indexed, the more likely that search engine is to present your site when a certain search term is entered by a user. Mobile Adaptability shows how your website appears on a mobile browser and how quickly it loads, while the Performance category essentially talks about how quickly your website loads on a laptop or desktop.

While these are just a few of the features you can get through the Webpage Analyzer, they all play a key role in the overall performance of your page. If there are any results that you don't understand or aren't sure how to fix, the Semalt team is happy to help! 

Why Should I Analyze My Website?

When you're trying to improve any aspect of your business, you'll need to know where you're starting from. Let's say you want to improve the shipping time of one of your products. First, you'll need to know what your current shipping time is! After that, you can start to analyze the different aspects of the shipping process and determine how to make them more efficient. If the amount of time from order to shipping is efficient, you might not have to change anything. However, if the time it takes for the item to get from your warehouse to the customer is consistently high, it might be worth considering a new shipping company.

Analyzing your website is much the same. If you want to improve, you have to know where you're starting from. Your On-Page SEO might already be good, so you would be wasting time trying to improve it. If your web page isn't loading quickly enough on mobile, though, this could be a huge issue costing you tons of customers. You'll never know where to start improving if you don't analyze first! 

Other Semalt Services

We're very proud of our extensive Webpage Analysis service, but it's not the only service we offer to our global customers. You can also discover our Keywords in TOP feature, which shows you relevant keywords that your website is currently ranking highly for. Our Best Pages feature allows you to sort individual pages of your site to see which one has the best traffic and conversion rates, while our Competitors feature lets you see how you compare with the competition in terms of SEO. 

You can use our Page Speed Analyzer to see how quickly a specific page will load for the average user. Check to ensure your content is one-of-a-kind with our Page Uniqueness and Website Uniqueness check features, or take a look at Semalt Insights to get the most up-to-date look on how SERP (Search Engine Results Page) changes are fluctuating from day to day.

Contact Semalt

After you've gotten your Webpage Analysis, you might not know exactly where to go from there. What if there's a result you don't understand, or you don't quite know what you should do to improve? The Semalt team is here for you. We are proud to have served more than 25,000 customers from over 150+ countries so far, helping businesses of all kinds to improve their SEO and get ahead of the competition.

Our team is always here to answer any questions about our services or the results you find from our analysis tools. We can even get you started with an SEO consultation absolutely free. Ready to take your website to the next level? Contact Semalt today to get started!